Free Resources

Free Resources to Start Your Spiritual Journey

John and Gloria are making available free material to acquaint people with their system and teachings.

Psychic Psychology by John Friedlander and Gloria HemsherPsychic Psychology: The Introduction

Download the Introduction and Table of Contents of their newest book.

No opt in required.

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7 Planes CD Course CoverThe Seven Planes of Consciousness Course

Originally sold as a 4-CD set, John is making the complete course, including the 7 Planes Chart and 7 Planes Graph, available for free.

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Downloads for Free Prep Classes:  Background/Training for John and Gloria’s Seminars

Prep Class 1:  Introduction

Prep Class 2: Etheric Subplanes

Prep Class 3:  Seven Planes

Prep Class 4: Astral Etheric Energy 1

Prep Class 5: Astral Etheric Energy 2

Prep Class 6: Intro to Etheric Chakras-1st/2nd subplanes

Prep Class 7: Etheric Chakras-1st/2nd subplanes

Prep Class 8:  IdaPingalaSushumna+Intro

Prep Class 8:  IdaPingalaSushumna+Exercise