Seven Planes of Consciousness

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7 Planes CD Course CoverFind the 49 Specific Energies of the Seven Planes

This audio course on four CDs will explain and teach you how to find the 49 specific energies of the seven planes, each with seven sub-planes, as described in the Theosophical literature of the early 1900s.

The Theosophical writers brilliantly described the whole scope of human potential; synthesizing eastern, western and channeled material in a relatively easy to understand schema of the 49 sub-planes. While their descriptions were rich; at the time, there was no systematic training one could follow to turn the theory of the 7 planes into an accurate awareness of these energies.

Learn to Match and Identify the Energies

We are unaware of any other place where one can learn systematically how to find these specific energies. In this audio course John explains and channels each of the energies several times, allowing the participants to understand the concepts, and more importantly, to match and identify for themselves each of the energies of the planes and sub-planes.

The very specificity of the Theosophical description of the mystical universe allows otherwise fuzzy and unstandardized concepts like soul and spirit to be encountered with accuracy and skill. Finding these energies adds powerful tools for healing and growth.

Learn a New Way of Perceiving Spiritual BodiesSeven Planes Chart

John teaches students to perceive the various spiritual bodies as the early 20th century Theosophist clairvoyants did, a vision quite unlike any of the psychics today of whom we are aware. Beginning around the 1960s, it seems a more emotionally centered perception became the psychic norm for people not trained before that time.

The new perceptual style served the necessary purpose of centering the spiritual practice of perception on the encounters of every day life. Revisiting now the perceptual style of the older Theosophists will add a depth and power to the more modern and emotionally authentic path that is the norm today.

Large parts of the class area channeled and by basking in the channeled energy, both conscious and uncounscious changes are made that open us to respond more resourcefully to events in the present and prepare us to understand advanced topics in the future. Those who download the free audio course can expect quite a ride, with multiple benefits in many planes.

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Monthly Seven Planes Meditation Practice

New participants will be entitled to join the Seven Planes Practice Teleconference typically held on the third Wednesday of every month, in which we practice and enhance skills developed in this introductory seven planes class.

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