Overview of Courses and Seminars

John offers seminars in developing basic psychic skills and more advanced seminars to help students deepen their awareness and learning.

Foundational Courses

Boundaries and Identity

Foundations in Psychic Development: Boundaries and Identity, is the prerequisite for all other classes in this system.

Learn more about Boundaries and Identity.

Or you may read Part One of John and Gloria’s book, Psychic Psychology: Energy Skills for Life and Awareness, and listen to the audiobook, Practicing Your Energy Skills for Life and Relationships.

Finally, if you are already experienced in this particular system from studying with someone trained in a system like John and Gloria’s system, you may ask permission of the instructor.

Creating Your Reality Through Space, Seniority and Spiritual Fuel

In this class we explore what conditions in the aura generate events in the physical world. Specifically, we will explore how desires and ideas come to fuel specific outcomes.

Learn more about Creating Your Reality Through Space, Seniority and Spiritual Fuel.

Seeing Auras

In this two-day seminar we explore the psychic anatomy of clairvoyance (clairvoyance is seeing auras); how to activate and empower this perception; and several ways to use this ability in making decisions, in healing oneself and others, and in deepening one’s understanding of oneself and others.

Learn more about Seeing Auras.

Conscious Channeling

Learn the clairvoyant mechanics of skillful channeling.

Learn more about Conscious Channeling.

Advanced Seminars

For now, the following classes are taught by John and the guides he channels. Classes always include new material tailored to the attendees and any new understanding John has come to so the descriptions are only approximate.

A good, but not perfect understanding of the foundation course Boundaries and Identity through personally attending a class, study of the companion CD class,  Practicing Your Energy Skills for Life and Relationships, or thorough reading and practice of the psychic exercises in Psychic Psychology or Basic Psychic Development is assumed in the teaching of the class.

The Etheric Energy Seminars

The Etheric Energy seminars are an in depth investigation of the etheric body (also called the prana or vital body) that is the template and foundation for our physical body, our physical health, and the wellspring of many powerful healing energies.

Learn more about the Etheric Energy Seminars.

Focused Mind Meditation

We explore the understandings and techniques to focus deeply in this seminar without undercutting our overall focus of cherishing everyday life life and relationships as the center of meaning for humans.

Learn more about the Focused Mind Meditation.

Spring and Fall Intensives

Twice a year we gather for advanced meditation sessions, using the luxury of dedicated time and group energy to leap forward in our psychic and spiritual life. The format of these sessions is spontaneous and largely channeled. The Fall Intensive is our week-long seminar held in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the last full week in October.  The Spring Intensive, which is held in Ann Arbor, Mich., begins on a Friday evening, and includes Saturday and Sunday.

Learn more about the Spring and Fall Intensives.

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