Etheric Energy

The Etheric Energy Seminars

The Etheric Energy seminars are an in depth investigation of the etheric body (also called the prana or vital body) that is the template and foundation for our physical body, our physical health, and the wellspring of many powerful healing energies.

The etheric body also serves as the bridge between the physical body and our emotions and thoughts. Developing our perceptions and clairvoyance in the etheric levels adds extremely powerful methods of physical healing.

It can also add a new kind of emotional and spiritual stabilization. Finally, it is the location where we will eventually develop the most powerful abilities to affect events in the physical plane.

By developing your etheric awareness through clairvoyance and other awareness practices rather than just using mechanical breathing processes, and by integrating the etheric skills you develop together with your personal aura skills such as developed in Gloria and John’s books Basic Psychic Development and Psychic Psychology you can generate the enormous power of the etheric and direct it safely as part of your overall growing emotional richness.

Over the years these classes have:

  • Explored the power and, perhaps for the first time, the equanimity of the etheric.
  • Began to develop the etheric equanimity without repressing our emotions.
  • Focused on balancing energy flows through the etheric to improve health and our ability to focus.
  • Adapted yogic breathing exercises to clairvoyant practice for balancing out the energies of various planes.
  • Begun to generate the kind of power and focus that will allow us to work more magically with form and manifestation.
  • Explored concepts and exercises to help set the stage to develop familiarity and skill at the very level where health and physical orientation are created.
  • Learned to find and distinguish the astral chakras from the etheric chakras.
  • Learned to find each of the three levels of the Hindu yogic central channel and to clear each channel directly.
  • Then added an exercise that also engages a fourth separate energy level, the acupuncture body, and integrated all four etheric planes in an extremely powerful healing and stabilizing meditation.

We will continue building skill in etheric levels, bringing new ideas and techniques to bear. Eventually, maybe soon, we will start having different levels of etheric classes that build on one another.

For now, new students can jump in, and do quite well.

For now, this seminar is taught by John and the guides he channels. Classes always include new material tailored to the attendees and any new understanding John has come to so the descriptions are only approximate.


John’s foundation course, Boundaries and Identity, is a prerequisite to take this seminar.

Or you may read Part One of John and Gloria’s book, Psychic Psychology: Energy Skills for Life and Awareness, and listen to the audiobook, Practicing Your Energy Skills for Life and Relationships.

Finally, if you are already experienced in this particular system from studying with someone trained in a system like John and Gloria’s system, you may ask permission of the instructor.

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