Focused Mind Meditation

Benefits of a Fixed Focus

The ability to sustain a fixed focus with your mind will add to your healing abilities and psychic powers. Cultivating your ability to fix your attention is both valuable and fun, even though it is not the primary direction of growth in this system.

Since most of our psychic exploration is in and for the realm of everyday life, relationships, emotions and ideas, our usual practice requires only a surprisingly light (though clear) trance. Using a deeper and more fixed focus for our everyday work would alienate us from the immediacy and intimacy of everyday life.

But for much advanced work done in daily meditation sessions aiming for profound physical and emotional healings and at the activation of more powerful psychic abilities, the ability to focus for longer time periods and more deeply are almost indispensable.

Staying Engaged and Protecting the Brain

We explore the understandings and techniques to focus deeply in this seminar without undercutting our overall focus of cherishing everyday life life and relationships as the center of meaning for humans. One can lose touch with everyday life in extended retreats, breathing exercises and quieting whole categories of emotions as is often done in developing strong focus.

Our approach uses ways of focusing that stay engaged with what we call the personal aura. This allows us to strengthen our ability to focus sufficiently to develop ever more powerful healings, add to our psychic abilities even where they’ve been blocked and protect the brain from many of the effects of aging.

For now, this seminar is taught by John and the guides he channels. Classes always include new material tailored to the attendees and any new understanding John has come to so the description is only approximate.


John’s foundation course, Boundaries and Identity, is a prerequisite to take this seminar.

Or you may read Part One of John and Gloria’s book, Psychic Psychology: Energy Skills for Life and Awareness, and listen to the audiobook, Practicing Your Energy Skills for Life and Relationships.

Finally, if you are already experienced in this particular system from studying with someone trained in a system like John and Gloria’s system, you may ask permission of the instructor.

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