Foundations in Psychic Development

Boundaries and Identity

Each of us has a bubble of spiritual energy surrounding us called the aura. Learning how to be aware of, and how to transform our aura transforms our love and life experiences. While the exploration and healing of the aura is an incredible adventure that can fill a lifetime, the basic system can be learned the first day.

In Day One of the seminar, every exercise furthers the development of at least one of the two basic abilities: finding one’s own psychic energy (one’s own authentic impulses); and clearing blocks to further progress. Students not only learn the theoretical constructs, they practice the actual skills. They learn how to ground and run energy, how to clear blocks, several ways to recognize and clear psychic enmeshment, and how to find, clear and repair the chakras.

Day Two introduces and explores deeply the layers of the aura. With the chakras (covered in Day One), the student activates and empowers his or her psychic abilities. With the layers we refine, clarify, and deepen those abilities.

This leads naturally to learning to give professional quality psychic readings (our Seeing Auras seminar), ever deeper self understanding, healing, skill in relationships, and authenticity. This class carries the student well on the way to developing the advanced skills of opening clairvoyance and reading auras.

This course is a prerequisite for the other courses and seminars

Or you may read Part One of John and Gloria’s book, Psychic Psychology: Energy Skills for Life and Awareness, and listen to the audiobook, Practicing Your Energy Skills for Life and Relationships.

Finally, if you are already experienced in this particular system from studying with someone trained in a system like John and Gloria’s system, you may ask permission of the instructor.

Students can take subsequent classes in any order.

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Creating Your Reality Through Space, Seniority, Neutrality and Spiritual Fuel

We create our reality through our aura. The energies we hold in our aura create our reality. In this class we explore what conditions in the aura generate events in the physical world. Specifically, we will explore how desires and ideas come to fuel specific outcomes.

There are two basic components to the creation of an event through our aura. They are:

  1. How much of the space in a person’s aura is conditioned or colored by a particular intensity of emotion
  2. How congruent the overall aura is with the desire.

In exploring how events are created in the aura, we explore how are aura becomes so fragmented that there isn’t enough space available to allow our emotions to manifest; or how our emotions and ideas become so conditioned and fragmented that they cancel out the manifestation of our desires.

We then develop specific skills to manifest our authentic desires and ideas. To create well we also explore the valuable life skills, using our growing clairvoyant awareness of:

  • Cultivating seniority (i.e. how does an aura space get colored by an energy)
  • Letting go of resistance ( does a person become enmeshed in the very things he or she seeks to avoid) and
  • Cultivating authenticity (i.e.the ability to engage the world with less of the pain generating programming and fragmentation and with more of a playful, kind and generous openness to life as it is.)

This is the wisdom which leads to happiness.

Seeing Auras

In this two-day seminar we will explore the psychic anatomy of clairvoyance (clairvoyance is seeing auras); how to activate and empower this perception; and several ways to use this ability in making decisions, in healing oneself and others, and in deepening one’s understanding of oneself and others.

We will then move to actually doing comprehensive, systematic psychic readings in partnership with fellow students. Even in the beginning, students surprise themselves with how much they perceive.

Though fully developing clairvoyance can take years, participants usually find they can easily increase their ability to perceive genuinely useful aura energies in just this one weekend, and that they are well started on the adventure of a lifetime.

Conscious Channeling

Learn the clairvoyant mechanics of skillful channeling — how to prepare your space for channeling by running an ever clearer white light vibration while still owning and governing who and what occupies your space. This requires clearing psychic agreements, karma, and thought forms that distort both ordinary awareness and channeling.

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