Fall and Spring Intensives

Twice a year we gather for advanced meditation sessions, using the luxury of dedicated time and group energy to leap forward in our psychic and spiritual life. The format of these sessions is spontaneous and largely channeled.

The Fall Intensive is our week-long seminar held in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the last full week in October. The Spring Intensive, which is held in Ann Arbor, Mich., begins on a Friday evening, and includes Saturday and Sunday.

Fall Intensive

In the seven-day Fall Intensive sessions we concentrate on one chakra per day. This allows us to get to deep levels of each chakra. These deep levels of the chakras contain unobstructed trance levels from which we can access various perceptual and healing powers.

Used wisely, these new abilities become powerful tools to clear one’s aura and to engage everyday life with skill, compassion, creativity and joy.

Spring Intensive

The Spring Intensive is always a spontaneous and one-of-a-kind weekend seminar as the information and energy generated is channeled by John’s guides, so it is often new even to him. John sometimes only gets a glimpse of what might happen beforehand. He is often just as pleasantly surprised as those who attend the conference with the experience and information.

In recent years we have covered topics and explored them psychically with specific exercises: a new understanding of reincarnation in multidirectional time in which not only the soul is eternal, the personality is also; and how/where to find and utilize probable selves and probable realities finding them in specific chakras; and how to find the energy of meaning that underlies our every action.

For now, the Intensives are taught by John and the guides he channels. Intensives always include new material tailored to the attendees and any new understanding John has come to so the descriptions are only approximate.


John’s foundation course, Boundaries and Identity, is a prerequisite to attend the Intensives.

Or you may read Part One of John and Gloria’s book, Psychic Psychology: Energy Skills for Life and Awareness, and listen to the audiobook, Practicing Your Energy Skills for Life and Relationships.

Finally, if you are already experienced in this particular system from studying with someone trained in a system like John and Gloria’s system, you may ask permission of the instructor.

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