The Practical Psychic

The Practical Psychic

Practical techniques for enlisting the resources of your own ability

Cynthia Pearson

Coauthored with Cynthia Pearson,

Human beings have always longed for more power over their lives. The allure of becoming psychic is a reflection of this wish – one that has persisted through centuries and across cultures. It is the premise of this book that mankind’s wish has already been granted.

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The Practical Psychic: Table of Contents



1.  Becoming a Practical Psychic

2.  Balance and Harmony

3.  Balancing the Deep Self with the Conscious Self

4.  The Practical Fantasizer

5.  Significance of Feeling Tones

6.  The Power of Beliefs in Theory

7.  On Changing Beliefs

8.  The Power of Beliefs in Practice

9.  Impulses:  The Path Rising Up to Meet Your Feet

10.  Aphorisms for the Practical Psychic

11.  Using Conventional Psychic Abilities

12.  Manifesting What You Want: A Chakra by Chakra Meditation

13.  Seasons:  A Program of Manifestation

14.  Do-Be-Do-Be-Do:  Doing and Being

Appendix I:  Knowing Seth and Jane: John’s Personal Account

Appendix II:  On Conscious Beliefs

Appendix III:  Probabilities, Simultaneous Time and Changing Your Past

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